Video and Digital Disruption

Gone are the days of only having your exposure limited to a couple of expensive locations like TV, radio or print advertisements. We are incredibly lucky in this modern era of digital disruption, where every potential client has a mobile device in their hand with which they could stream any content you care to put in front of them, in most cases for no advertising cost at all.

The most recognized platforms for showcasing your marketing collateral are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Linkedin.

I was at a Digital Brisbane event where Cat Matson (Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer) was discussing social media. ‘Consumers now do the majority of their research through social media’, Cat said.

This should be a lightning bolt striking the head of anyone in charge of marketing a business and really should be reflected in where we focus our attention

Here are some things to conceder when choosing your app or apps of choice:

  • Facebook:   Usually confined to diner table style conversations about social topics.
  • Instagram:   Used as a photo album style of interaction. Video displayed in this app is usually powerful, as it’s a predominantly a photo displaying app so when people see a video pop up it grabs their attention.
  • Twitter:   Very short moments in time snapshots ‘a quick hello at the water cooler’. A great way to ‘touch’ your audience on a regular basis.
  • Linkedin:   Purely a business platform where the topics that are discussed reflect that. A place where your profile image should NOT be of you at a bar with a beer in your hand. This is a place to enter as a professional & a leader within your industry.
  • YouTube:   A location to store & share video content & a great platform to maximise key word searches on videos. Google searches love YouTube.

B2B marketing has reached a new level with platforms like Linkedin, which targets businesses & more importantly the specific people within these organisations charged with making all the purchasing decisions.

The choice is yours depending on the target market your dealing with. Know this market inside & out in order to make sure you make the most of what it is your delivering. The biggest mistake people make is not understanding that target market, both in the production of the content & also the delivery method.

When we talk video, a study by Ooyala in the US recently showed late last year that more than 52% of people view content on their mobile devices. This means the possibilities are endless with ‘when and where’ you can showcase your product in this digital age, so don’t let anything stop you showing the world what your capable of.


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