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Welcome to Studio 18a

We’re the media production arm you never knew your business had.


Today, the visual medium is king. Video consumption online is at an all-time high. Why? Because video is personal. It’s the viewer’s direct viewpoint into what you do, why you do it and how you can help them. After all, the average person spends 88% more time on a website with video.

In fact, marketers that use videos in their advertising mix grow 49% faster than those that don’t. This shows that customers – YOUR potential customers – are sharing and consuming videos more and more. If you want to reach them, you have to do so on their terms. That’s where we come in.

When you work with Studio 18a, you’ll immediately notice that we’re genuinely interested in what you do. That’s because we’re more than just the leaders in corporate video production: we’re your partners in storytelling. From sales videos to client testimonials, case studies through to internal OH&S briefings… video turns them all into stories. Stories that are relatable – something people want to pay attention to. If your audience feels like they know your company and its story, then they’ll want to invest time with it.

For over 13 years, Studio 18a has been forging relationships with respected Queensland businesses and organisations; names like Technology One, Tab Corp, BOQ, Brisbane Marketing and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Across all of our work, we’re driven by success through video marketing – success that can be measured in actual increases in business and real results.

The reason clients come back is because they don’t just get premium video production services – they get someone they can trust to understand their business from top to bottom. We pride ourselves on becoming an indispensable part of your team, working alongside you at every level from the marketing department up to the boardroom. In short, we understand what you do and will make sure that everyone else understands it too.

When it comes to corporate video production, you may not know where to start. We do – so the place for you to start is at Studio 18a.

Lachy Fletcher


After over two decades in the television and video industry working both in Australia and overseas, Lachlan has earned a reputation as a passionate and engaged director, camera operator and cinematographer. His credits run the gamut across the Australian networks, and include Australian Story, Survivor, Getaway, The Great Outdoors, RPA, The Today Show, Sunrise, 60 Minutes and more. Lachlan spends his spare time relaxing with his family, playing the drums and sneaking the odd guilty American buffalo wing – but it’s his love for getting to know people that keeps him coming back to video production. That’s the inspiration he and his wife Sammy drew on to launch Studio 18a in 2005.

Sammy Fletcher


Sammy is Studio 18a’s co-founder, production guru and resident problem solver. Backed by an extensive CV that includes production manager credits at Channel Nine and Foxtel – as well as international roles at the BBC and NBC – Sammy loves the part she plays in bringing an initial idea to creative life. It also helps that she gets inspired when she sees her clients’ concepts and businesses grow. Outside of 18a, she’s the proud mother of three (plus one rambunctious fur baby, Benji), has a love for everything New York New York, and harbours an incurable celebrity crush on Adele.

Douglas Ly


The creative and dynamic nature of film, television and screen language is what first attracted Doug to the medium. After completing his tertiary film and television studies, he soon found his place at Studio 18a as an invaluable member of the production team. Whenever Doug’s not rolling the camera, he’s rolling on the mats at his local Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy, tucking into some Scandinavian fare or taking in the work of filmmakers such as Woody Allen, Dennis Villeneuve and Joss Whedon.

Reychel Lawrence


During her time studying for her Film and Television Production diploma at the Philippines’ Asia Pacific Film Academy, Reychel fell in love with the edit suite’s ability to tell stories that evoke real emotions. At various points she has called Qatar and the Philippines home – living in the latter during her her stint working for television network ABS-CBN – but it is in Australia that Reychel’s career has flourished with the establishment of her fruitful relationship with Studio 18a. When she’s not wielding the power of the editing software herself, she enjoys watching it be used perhaps a little less subtly in her favourite reality shows.

Paul Soo


Born with an enthusiasm for flying, Paul likes to keep himself airborne as often as possible – but when that’s not possible, he’ll settle for flying something remotely. He grew up in Sydney before joining the RAAF to become a electronics technician, later adding ‘helicopter pilot’ and ‘certified drone pilot’ to his resume. It’s in this capacity that he acts as Studio 18a’s eyes high above the ground. Choppy (as he’s known to his friends) fills his weekends tinkering with new drones and radio-controlled aircrafts – and says that when he’s flying a drone with Lachlan at the controls of the camera, the results can be extraordinary.

Stewart Ross


For Stewart, a photograph is a little frozen moment in time; a way of connecting with someone’s story. Stewart’s own story, meanwhile, is one of a multi-award winning professional who has always lived in Brisbane but whose heart is at the beach. He has enjoyed long-standing love affairs with cinema, music and fresh Italian-style pizza – the real stuff, please! – but Stewart’s biggest love is his kids.