In my role I work with a number of production studios, and I can confidently say that Lachy Fletcher and Studio 18a provide the best combination of customer service, competitive pricing and artistic style. Studio 18a is consistently my first port of call when developing films. Lachy and his team are flexible, fast, and accommodating of the special requirements involved with working with our organisation.


Having worked with Lachy for five years, I can think of many examples of when he’s gone above the call of duty, but the most recent  was a job where he really saved my neck. I had booked a green screen studio for a film featuring a VIP; having never filmed there before, Lachy called ahead to talk specifics with the venue and discovered that it would have been impossible to film what we needed there. Lachy managed to shift all the arrangements around at the last minute, finding us a new venue and reworking the concept with me. I really appreciate that Lachy was looking out for us, and the VIP commented that she had never seen such an organised shoot.


Another element of working with Studio 18a that I haven’t necessarily found elsewhere is that I only have to give feedback once to have it pulled through all future films. General feedback like what copyright to use or specific things we like in films – this will be remembered and applied to future cuts without having to be asked. It’s a serious time saver and lets us focus on content instead of the little things.


Lastly, it’s just pleasant to work with Studio 18a – I know we can be a time consuming client, but I’ve never experienced anything but enthusiasm, patience and helpfulness from Lachy and his team.

Ginny Hollands

A/Senior Awareness and Engagement Officer
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland – Awareness and Engagement Unit
Queensland Treasury